Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men

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So, we’ve been planning on starting our road trip on the 17th. Karissa had a minor surgery in June to remove potentially cancerous lymphnodes. Since then, she’s had limited mobility in her shoulder. She’s been in physical therapy since October, but hasn’t made much progress.

Well, this week she saw a specialist doctor who ordered more testing. The test revealed that her nerve isn’t working properly – and the reason she can’t move her arm/shoulder. She’s been referred to one of two specialists for this type of damage in the country and there’s potential she may need immediate surgery. It’s called a nerve graft. They steal one nerve from somewhere unimportant and transfer it to her shoulder to restore movement.

The appointment is sort of on our way south, but on the 18th and surgery could throw a wrench in our plans to be on the road. We’re hoping for the best, but it’s hard to argue with the test results.

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