Beautiful Time of Year; Training for 15K

What a beautiful time of year here in the midwest. We’ve had a few really hot days, but mostly low 70’s during the day and 50’s at night. We’ve taken advantage of it by training hard for a 15K later this month. Karissa ran her first 5K in mid-September and thought the next step was a 15K at the end of October. I am contemplating doing an Ironman next fall, so getting some running under my belt would be helpful. I’m still riding my bike, but have cut back to make room for running days.


Adelaide and Emerson are loving each other more every day. It’s really cool to watch. Emerson thinks Adelaide is hilarious and she knows it. They’re both in swimming lessons once a week. I do the lessons with Emerson. Adelaide has no parent in her class. The classes are pretty similar – focusing on being comfortable in and around the pool and learning to be submerged. Both kids seem to enjoy it for different reasons. Emerson loves the water. Adelaide likes having a teacher and being around kids. Adelaide did a gymnastics class this summer. She liked it and was pretty good. The gym has open gyms once a week for anybody. Well, it’s cheaper per hour to do the open gyms. You don’t get an instructor, but the stuff they do at her age is pretty self-explanatory and mostly learning how to control your body.

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