Getaway to Evansville, Indiana

Karissa won a two night stay in Evansville, Indiana, at a charity auction earlier this year. She thought the pictures of the hotel and town were nice. We live in Northern Illinois, but the hotel was in Evansville, Indiana. She figured it was somewhere in Northern Indiana, perhaps a 2-3 hour drive away. Boy, was she wrong! Evansville is on the southernmost border of Indiana. Touching the Ohio River, which separates Indiana from Kentucky. We laughed about the location and long drive and embraced the adventure.

We enjoyed Evansville. We hit up the casino, which is like most casinos in towns of 100-500k. Sort of dumpy and sad, but fun nonetheless. We went to an architectural salvage shop. Antique malls. Regular mall. If it was summer, I guess there’s a zoo and waterpark nearby. Overall Evansville is a decent place. Classic rust-belt America in terms of being past its prime, but worth a visit.

The one thing that stands out as terrible was the Mexican food. I should have known something was wrong when the waitress said she only serves 2-3 guacamoles per night….but when she asked me what salad dressing I wanted for my tostada should have been the real punch in the face. Who puts salad dressing on a tostada!?! The taco meat was more sloppy-joe than taco. And salad dressing on Mexican food is gross.

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