Happy 18 Month Birthday

20160807_123904Happy 18 Month Birthday to our quirky little girl. 18 months is a pretty huge milestone. It’s a full year and a half! This month you became obsessed with shoes. You had been bringing shoes to their owners, but this month needed everyone (yourself included) to change shoes throughout the day. You love going on walks, stroller rides, and taking the dogs around. You went to Myrtle Beach, the zoo, rode your first carousel, and continued to keep us busy. We love having fun with you!

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A trick Mommy played to scare Daddy…It’s only a blueberry!20160806_171250 Monkey house at the zoo.20160811_135054 2016-08-19_184312667_5A7E8_iOS 2016-08-19_175527465_97F7A_iOS 2016-08-19_175017877_64BE8_iOS 2016-08-19_235131658_0B1AF_iOS 20160807_173301 20160819_132601 Helping Daddy cut steak on his 30th birthday.20160817_182958 20160814_164036

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