Dear Grandma’s 80th Birthday

80th-bday-21We recently celebrated my grandma’s 80th birthday. Lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles were there – plus quite a few great-grandkids. It was a fun little gathering.

I call my grandma “Dear Grandma”. We used to write her letters and they always started with “Dear Grandma”. I thought it was her name and started calling her that. It stuck. Now, she’s “Dear Great Grandma” to my daughter.


Dear Grandma and her kids.
80th-bday-23Dear Grandma and the Grandkids with their kids (her great grandkids).
80th-bday-27 Dear Grandma, my mom, Adelaide, and me – 4 generations.
80th-bday-4480th-bday-38 80th-bday-41 80th-bday-37 80th-bday-14 80th-bday-18 80th-bday-12 Beautiful little small town America.80th-bday-8 The river was extremely high.80th-bday-3

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