Products We Use

The following is a list of products we use and love. For the most part, we’re pretty basic – using store brand and sale items. However, there are a few instances where we have specific preferences.

Camera: We love our Nikon. My mother-in-law uses one. Our cousin, a professional photographer uses Nikon. It’s a great camera.

Cell Phone: We could no longer justify paying $650-1,000 for top of the line smartphones. We’re not really power users. Sure, we use our cell phones for just about everything…but the Moto G4 has been more than powerful enough for our needs. Our only complaint is the slow camera that sometimes takes blurry photos. But it has a crystal clear screen and doesn’t lag during anything we do with it.

Coffee Maker: It’s simple and reliable. No bells an whistles. Easy to clean. I’ve owned two over the last 10 years. The first lasted about 6 years and the next one is going strong.

Dishes: Simple. Clean. No outdated stripes or flowers. It’s the perfect dishware set. Plus, food looks great on them!

Baby Bottles: They work for us. Somewhat pricey, but the variable size nipples and large openings help make cleaning easy.

Baby Wipes: If we need wipes between sales at Target, these are what we use. Target has a store brand with a cucumber scent that we love, but these are perfectly fine too.

Toddler Bike: Uncle Scotty bought this for her for Christmas. Adelaide loves it. I hope it helps her when she’s ready for a real bike.