Naples: Dog Track, “The Stage”, and Braving the Cold

After the New Year and cruise, the other cousins took off. Aunt Joi and her boys left on the 1st followed by the other family on the 2nd. Leaving just us to spend another week at Mimi and Grandpa’s. A bitter cold-snap came through the entire country; with temperatures hitting the low 60’s here and a cold wind making being outside un-fun. We mostly hung around the house early in the week.

On Friday night, we went to a place called “The Stage”. It’s a dinner & show place with cover bands catering to the older crowd. We saw Bon Jovi and Journey. It was a cool venue and great show. The food was really good too.

The next day, we went to the Naples-Ft. Myers Dog Track to bet on the greyhounds. Adelaide loves both the number 2 and color blue – which is lucky because the #2 dog wears a blue shirt! She bet on dog 2 for every race and made $15. I lost $12 using analysis and Karissa made $10 just by looking at the dogs before the race. I believe Karissa’s parents made $10 using a mix of analysis (Grandpa) and gut feeling (Mimi). It was fun. Karissa and I think we could have stayed for the evening running if we didn’t have kids.

Emerson has been a bit under the weather. We finally took him to the doctor and found out he has an ear infection. They prescribed antibiotics. He seems to be doing better – just in time for our next adventure.

Our next stop is Disney World where Adelaide is going to meet Cinderella and experience the Magic of Disney. We think she’s the perfect age to be in awe, even if she doesn’t fully appreciate the rides and full suite of characters. We’ve also booked up our January and early February at campgrounds, so no more guessing where we’ll be parking every night!

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