Happy 10 Month Birthday

Happy 10 Month Birthday to our jokester of a little boy. This month, you embraced being funny on purpose. It started with falling down on the bed and now includes crawling away, being dangerous in the stroller, and spitting out food. You still only have 2 teeth – which is surprising since we’ve been expecting more since October! In the car, you fall asleep almost instantly. You only poop in clean diapers. You’re a much more advanced talker than your sister at this age – saying “ba ba ba”, “ma ma ma”, and roaring like a lion. You love music as much as your sister – dancing and clapping whenever you hear it. You also discovered a love of reading. You touch every page and laugh at funny voices. Messing with wheels is your favorite; steering wheels, wheels on strollers, or anything else circular and movable. You did a lot this month: went on a cruise, went to Disney World, and didn’t leave Florida. Sadly, you also got sick for the first time this month and had to take antibiotics for an ear infection. We’re having a ball playing with you and watching you grow. Mommy, Daddy, and Adelaide love you!

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