Halloween 2017

This was the first Halloween where Adelaide could choose what to be. Her first Halloween, we were monsters. Last year, we were farm animals. This year, she wanted to be “Go-Bear”. One of her favorite tv shows is “Goldie & Bear” about Goldielocks and the three bears. It’s a fun little show that imagines Goldie becomes friends with Bear after the whole porridge story ends.

So Adelaide was Goldie, I was Papa Bear, Karissa was Mama Bear, and Emerson was Bear. I think we looked pretty cool.

Adelaide thinks she’s any blonde girl she sees on tv. She thinks she’s Goldie. She thinks she’s Cinderella or Elsa and so on. It’s pretty cute.

We wore the costumes for trick-or-treating downtown a few days before Halloween, around our neighborhood on Halloween, and to the library the next day. It’s great to get multiple uses out of the costumes and they’ll be added to our dress-up box for the kids and friends who want to borrow them.

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