2017 Hot Chocolate 15K

A few friends, Karissa, and I all ran the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago yesterday. None of us had ever run that long of a race. Heck, I’d never run a race period! We spent the night in Chicago beforehand to ensure we were well-rested for the 7:15am registration.

Most of these races have some sort of gimmick. Karissa did a run where you had to carry a pumpkin. She did one that was at a ski hill. Some have obstacles or run through mud. Well, the Hot Chocolate’s gimmick was treats along the route. Obviously, there was hot chocolate. There were various little snacks – chocolate pretzels, marshmallows, etc.

We were all pretty happy with our times. I was the most disappointed, but tell myself it was my first real race and the first time I’d ever run that far without walking.

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