Time Apart, Repainting, 87 Mile Bike Ride

Karissa wanted to go back up to the lake and spend time with her parents. I wanted to stay home and get stuff done. I also had an 82 mile bike ride/race and needed to be home anyhow. Thus, we spent a few days apart.

Karissa took the kids and had a blast with her parents. She said it felt like old times growing up when it was just the three of them at home.

I stayed home and worked on repainting our house. When we bought it, it was barn red. We tried going dark brown but hated it. Then tried to match the mortar between the bricks but the color was too pink. After considering just about every color, we chose something that’s in the same vein but more of a khaki than pink. It’s a subtle difference that makes all of the difference.

I have never ridden in an organized bike ride/race. Since I’ve been riding a lot (now over 1,000 miles this year), I thought this would be a great way to cap off my training. This ride had 3 different distances (20, 42, and 82 miles) and a total of ~200 participants. I rode with two high school friends in the longest distance – an 82 mile course with 3,000+ of climbing. It was by far the hardest ride I’ve ever done. We finished about in the middle of the pack in 5 hours. We actually rode 87 miles because we started at one of my friend’s house 2.5 miles from the race start.

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