Fun Week at Home & Bike Crash

We spent a fun week at home. All of our usual weekly activities (swim lessons, speech therapy, softball, volleyball) were in a transition week between sessions. So we had a whole week with nothing on the schedule. We worked on a list of projects like hanging closet doors in the kids’ bedrooms; and finally got caught up on household chores.

This was also the week when Emerson began to watch his sister like a hawk. He thinks everything she does is fascinating and hilarious. She knows that and plays it up to her captive audience.

A couple of friends from high school had a “Welcome Home” party. They moved to New Mexico for a job (and adventure) after college and spent something like 5 years out there. After having their second child and not seeing family enough, they decided to re-evaluate. Their solution is to live in a 5th wheel while the husband works as a traveling lineman for various electric utilities around the country. The wife quit her job and will be a stay-at-home mom. This way, they can be together for his jobs around the country and during breaks between jobs can come back home. Karissa and I think it’s a great solution and another adventure for them. When their kids start school in a few years, their plan is to settle down into a more traditional lifestyle within an hour or two of family.

By the way, their kids are both within a month of ours. Their older one is a boy just slightly older than Adelaide and the younger one is a girl just slightly younger than Emerson. We joke it’s too bad arranged marriages aren’t acceptable because we’d love to arrange one of the two pairs of kids.

This week, I also had a bike crash. I was riding on a bike path when I saw an old man with an off-leash dog ahead of me. The dog was moving towards me unpredictably. I swerved to avoid it and my front tire fell off of the path. Trying to get it back on the path, I toppled over and skidded on the pavement at 20mph. Luckily, I was able to dust myself off and ride home. But I bruised and scraped my hip, shoulder, and elbow pretty badly. My bike had both wheels come out of true and some scratches – but was overall pretty fine. I had trouble moving around for the first few days, but have been getting better now starting on day 3 and into 4.

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