Happy 25 Months, Big Sister

Happy 25 months to the now big sister, Adelaide. This was a big month for you. You had a bit of regression in preparation for your new role as a big sister. You used pacifiers for the first time in your life. You enjoyed using all of your old baby things like the swing, rock-n-play, and old toys. You also practiced for your brother by placing your dolls in them as if they were babies.

You found a YouTube channel called EmilyTube. It focuses on a little girl just a bit older than you and her adventures with her big sister and baby doll. You LOVED EmilyTube this month!

You had a speech evaluation this month. While everybody knows you’re brilliant, you’re not talking very much. The evaluation estimated you have the speech ability of a 12-month old but the cognitive ability of a 36-month old. You were right on-track, if not a bit ahead on physical skills.

And of course, you became a big sister. You loved your brother from the first time you saw him. You climbed up in Mommy’s hospital bed to see him. You held him before any other family members and wouldn’t share. It was adorable.

Mommy and Daddy love you!

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