A Week of Meeting New People

Emerson met quite a few people in his first week. All four of his grandparents, his great grandma, his aunt, two boy cousins, his uncle, and an assortment of friends and family. He’s definitely surrounded by a loving network of support.

Adelaide LOVES him. She loves to hold him. She feeds him pretend food. She worries about him when he cries. She runs straight to him in the morning when she wakes up. It’s the cutest thing.

It’s amazing how much a baby changes in the first week. The puffiness and swelling from labor/birth drops. They start to be awake a bit more. Our little guy is a cutie, but we don’t think he looks like either of us. He sometimes looks like his sister, but never his parents. We’re interested to see if and how that changes in the next few months.

Next week we’re dreading his circumcision. It’s no longer done at the hospital right after birth. It’s common practice to visit the OBGYN’s office a week later after feeding has been established.

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