Waiting for Baby Boy, Regression, Silliness

We’re waiting for the arrival of Baby Boy. His due date is March 31, but we’re scheduled to induce labor on March 24. His head has been measuring large – like 97-99th percentile, so the doctors think inducing a week early is smart and we’re all hoping he comes sooner rather than later. Despite the big noggin, he seems to be a healthy dude in there.

Adelaide was born at 37 weeks, which was Friday the 10th for Baby Boy. Karissa hits 38 weeks this coming Friday. Karissa’s parents are coming to town tomorrow night and staying until baby comes. She’s glad they’ll be here in time for the birth.

They say that older siblings regress when their newborn sibling comes. Well, Adelaide has jumped the gun a bit. She’s acting like a baby. Using a pacifier – which she didn’t use when age-appropriate – and playing with all of the baby gear. It’s really cute. We hope it’s out of her system so she can be a big helper when her brother is actually here.

That being said, Adelaide keeps showing her true personality. She’s always been a silly girl, but has pushed it to another level lately. Her teachers at daycare said she finally came out of her shell. We’ve known her as a fiery kid, but she used to be shy at daycare. Not anymore. She runs around laughing and screaming with joy. She carries a doll all the time while there. She is a joker. She’s even pretending to be a dog – sleeping in the dog bed last night! It gets more fun to play with her every day.

Finally, I have been making pancakes or crepes on Sunday mornings for quite some time. I love crepes while Karissa likes pancakes. My favorite is waffles, but we don’t have a waffle iron. Never one to let lack of proper equipment keep my desires tamped down, I used a pocket sandwich maker to make a version of waffles. They were pretty good! As Alton Brown of Good Eats says, “Don’t buy uni-taskers!” My sandwich maker is no longer a uni-tasker.

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