Still Waiting for Baby Boy

So we’re still waiting for Baby Boy to come. He’s scheduled to be evicted on the 24th because his head is measuring large and 39 weeks is the earliest doctors induce labor these days. We’re at the point where we don’t think he’ll come on his own despite Karissa feeling contractions on and off since last week. Oh, well.

I got a funny phone call from my Mom the other day. She said my Dad was stuck on the roof. He isn’t as flexible as he used to be and the ladder he uses requires sitting on your knees and reaching your leg down onto the ladder. They needed a longer ladder. Good for them it was an unusually warm day and I don’t have work anymore.

I’ve mentioned it a time or two, but Adelaide is an animal lover. She met baby chicks over the weekend. Her Aunt Joi hatches baby chicks every year in her classroom and brought a few over for Adelaide to meet. It’s safe to say she loved them.

My in-laws are in the area awaiting Baby Boy. We take care of their dog over the winter while they go to Florida, but since they were back they took him. Adelaide LOVES him. Enough that she fed the stuffed look-a-like version of him in his absence.

Adelaide also finally made it to one of my volleyball games. I’ve been playing twice a week for about a year now. It fills my competitive drive and is a better workout than sitting at a desk then watching TV. Adelaide loved it. She was very bossy – making sure I kept my eye on the ball.

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