Happy 23 Month Birthday

Happy 23 Month Birthday to our joyful little girl. This month you really began to prepare to be a big sister – you are feeding your dolls both bottles and solid foods, tucking them in, and telling us to be quiet when they take naps.

You need three dolls, your stuffed dog, Simba, and Nala in your bed to sleep. Sometimes a basketball as well.

Speaking of, you’ve loved basketball – both going to cousins’ games and DHS games.

You’re also regressing a bit in preparation for your baby brother – you’ve been wanting to use a binky, crawling, and asking for bottles.

Finding Nemo and The Secret Life of Pets are your favorite movies.

Pete the Cat and his 4 Button Shirt seems to be your favorite book this month.

Mommy and I love you and your silliness.

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