Happy 21 Month Birthday


Happy 21 month birthday to our bossy little girl. You have learned how to use “no” to your advantage. You know exactly what you want, even when we can’t explain how you knew we had it. You have continued to improve your puzzle skills – moving on to multi-piece picture puzzles. “Wheels on the Bus” has been playing non-stop. You’ve also become a voracious reader. Mommy and I love watching you learn.

img_20161125_172147983 Looking for airplanes with Mommy.img_20161120_115933251 Learning how to use makeup with Cousin Sulli.img_20161124_195516_01 Best friends.img_20161124_165031046 Your hair is long enough for a ponytail!?
img_20161119_134244724 img_20161126_094939576 img_20161104_184730661 img_20161102_191539807

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