My Next 30 Years

I left my twenties today. That’s a scary thought. I remember turning 20. And 21. And 22. And 25. There are quite a few milestones in the twenties. 20 always seemed so close while 30 seemed forever away. Being 30 means being a real adult.

Turning 20 was a huge milestone. It’s when you’re no longer a teenager. Then turning 21 meant being able to drink alcohol. 22 meant you are no longer a 21 year old and therefore a pro at buying alcohol. 25 was when car insurance costs plummet. Even 29 is a milestone – the last year of being a twenty-something.


Turning 30 brings no benefit to offset the new, higher age. I don’t feel old. I don’t know if I’ve matured much since turning 20. Sure, I’ve got lots of life experiences and have learned a ton. But I don’t feel fundamentally different than 10 years ago.


Many people spend their twenties “finding themselves” and having all of the fun associated with being young and free with a modest income. Then use their thirties to establish and grow their career and begin a family.

I didn’t really have this phase of life in my twenties. I never took guys’ trips and had wild nights and all of that. I was 100% focused on my career and saving money. My thirties will be the time in my life where I’m free to explore. I get to spend countless hours and days with my wife and our growing family. We can take trips and have adventures. I think I made the right trade.

Anyhow. Whenever I think about turning 30, I think of the Tim McGraw song – “My Next 30 Years”.

The lyrics about eating more salad and drinking less beer always makes me laugh. I do plan to eat a bit healthier, but think I’m doing alright.

The last verse is the one that always gets me. And personifies my goal for the coming years:

  My next thirty years will be the best years of my life                       Raise a little family and hang out with my wife                             Spend precious moments with the ones that I hold dear                 Make up for lost time here, in my next thirty years

                             My Senior Prom (age 18) with Karissa.FB_IMG_1426112706582

Me at age 20 with Karissa.IMG_1514 Becoming a husband (Age 25).Wedding 1016Becoming a father (Age 28).
28-DSC_1052 Learning how to play in the grass.
IMG_1339.2015-07-05_214404 Me at age 30. I’ve got a few wrinkles and creases, but think I’m looking pretty good.2016-07-06_172008000_9B215_iOS

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