Happy 17 Month Birthday

2016-07-25_003728525_48511_iOSHappy 17 month birthday to our helpful baby girl. This month you re-embraced “cheesy face”, continued to love dogs (and cats), dancing, walking with Lickity, playing in the water, and bike rides. We have more fun with you every single day. We love you.

Our helpful girl at the grocery store.20160728_083400

Helping change the channel.20160726_080322

Enjoying her 2nd year at an annual music festival.

Walking around with Dad and Uncle Scott.2016-07-25_000347483_3965D_iOS

Cowgirl making cheesy face.2016-07-23_015050441_4E258_iOSCheesy face!2016-07-18_165745855_389EB_iOSCheesy face playing pool. Notice the note on the table : “No one under 14 allowed to use the pool table.” We were thankful she was 16 at the time!2016-07-18_013821737_EF233_iOS

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