Hello and welcome to RoseRelish. The goal of this site is to share one family’s attempts at slowing down to enjoy the small things that make life beautiful.

What’s with the name: RoseRelish?

Rose = beautiful things in life

Relish = savor or slow down

For too long, we lived life in the fast lane. We spent too much time chasing education and careers. We put relationships, hobbies, and free time on the backburner. That’s about to change dramatically. We’re switching over to the slow lane. We plan to rebuild relationships, rekindle passions, make up for lost time, and relish all the little things that make life so beautiful.

Who are we?

We’re a family of three: Ryan, Karissa, and Adelaide.

Ryan: Husband and father.

Karissa: Wife and mother.

Adelaide: Daughter.


We’ll be sharing our backstory in coming posts. Come back frequently and tell your friends to follow our journey.

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