“How Will You Pay for Sustenance?”

I recently had somebody talk to me about leaving my job and early retirement. The conversation was very congratulatory in nature but ended with the question, “How will you pay for sustenance?” I sort of mumbled through an answer about dividends and flipping real estate, but I think the question was rooted in not understanding how possible it is to retire early. Continue reading ““How Will You Pay for Sustenance?””

Happy 18 Month Birthday

Happy 18 Month Birthday to our quirky little girl. 18 months is a pretty huge milestone. It’s a full year and a half! This month you became obsessed with shoes. You had been bringing shoes to their owners, but this month needed everyone (yourself included) to change shoes throughout the day. You love going on walks, stroller rides, and taking the dogs around. You went to Myrtle Beach, the zoo, rode your first carousel, and continued to keep us busy. We love having fun with you! Continue reading “Happy 18 Month Birthday”

No More Grandparents Down the Street

We bought our house in our hometown about 4 years ago. The house was in a wonderful standalone location – with our back yard being a golf course – but the other major draw was being down the road from my in-laws. I mean literally down the road. Same street. Same side of the road. Just 27 houses away.  Continue reading “No More Grandparents Down the Street”

Why We’ll Carry a Mortgage into FIRE

In the pursuit of financial independence, one has to have a clear and realistic budget. For many, housing costs are the biggest budget category. This is also the case for me and my family. Our home mortgage, property taxes, and home insurance make up about 35% of spending. That said, it’s worth considering ways to reduce costs in this budget category. And paying off the mortgage would definitely reduce costs – at a price. Continue reading “Why We’ll Carry a Mortgage into FIRE”

FIRE: How I stumbled onto early retirement

I’ve always been an independent person. I like to be in control. I very much prefer to drive when travelling by car. I question authority relentlessly. I want to do things my own way, not how someone tells me to do it. Thus, it’s not that surprising that early retirement resonated with me. Continue reading “FIRE: How I stumbled onto early retirement”